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Have Nothing Better to Do? Overthrow Red China.

Column by Matthew H. Hersch

Opinion Editor

American foreign policy has been floating in the wind since the end of the cold war. I think I've hit upon an idea that will liven things up a bit -- let's overthrow Communist China.

I know what you're thinking. . . please, not another land war in Asia. But listen for a second. I really think we could pull this one off; the residents would really be on our side this time.

This is what I mean:

The Communists came to power in China in 1949 by promising the masses of Chinese peasants economic reform and a classless utopian society. Here was the kicker, though -- the peasants, the Communists said, were far too stupid to understand the complexities of Marxist revolution. So, until classless utopia actually came, the wise old men of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee would run the country, steering it toward progress and keeping it in order.

Who controls how fast utopia will come? The Party. Who decides when utopia has arrived? That's right. . . the Party. You see, now you're getting the idea. Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the con job of the century.

Unfortunately for the peasants (and not too surprisingly) the Chinese Communist Party never delivered. In fact, at the opening of the 14th CCP congress in Beijing earlier this week, the party leaders renounced the pursuit of communist utopia altogether, declaring an economic "revolution" and a switch to free market economics.

But, (surprise, surprise) unlike its Soviet cousin, the Party isn't prepared to step down now that its whole operational philosophy has been proven false. On the contrary, it has expressed renewed interest in maintaining its totalitarian leadership during the transition to capitalist utopia. The Chinese leadership plans to stay in power no matter what happens to the economy.

Stripped of its economic motivations, Chinese communism, or what the Reds like to call the "people's democratic dictatorship," is little more than fascism. Fascist regimes never last, though, and China seems to have all the ingredients necessary for a good old-fashioned revolution.

To Americans used to getting what they want quickly, the fact that the Chinese leadership has weathered its communist misrule this long seems preposterous. Inured to hardship, provincial, and brainwashed from birth by a true fascist society, the masses of the rural poor -- the people who really matter in China -- have become, thanks to the Communist Party, among the most docile and ignorant people on the planet.

Let's make some trouble. Let's undermine the Chinese Communist political leadership and help bring out the great citizen that exists, buried, in every Chinese woman, man, and child. Let's stop giving in to the Chinese government and show them how much damage a democratic society can do.

Let's use the covert funds we normally spend appeasing the communist government on logistical and material support for Chinese freedom-fighters.

Let's let the Ukrainians sell that aircraft carrier to China, let them pay for it, and then sink it.

Let's sell China's mortal enemy, Taiwan, all the fighter jets they want.

Let's work with the Russians to start a Sino-Russian border dispute.

Let's let the Chinese know that if they try to sell weapons to hostile nations, the shipments will never reach port.

Let's implode the Chinese economy by making the Chinese government paranoid of invasion.

Let's cooperate with the Russians and build a joint ballistic missile defense system against the Chinese nuclear threat.

Let's let the Chinese people know that if they rise up against their rulers, the free nations of the world will support them.