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Anonymous posters breeds hate

Thursday, as I walked down the Infinite Corridor, I noticed a poster stuck into one of the display cases. It had a quote from Leviticus about how a man who lies with a man as with a woman shall be damned, and so on.

In the fine print, the group taking "credit," a reincarnation of the infamous Dudes At MIT of past years, said they did not want their tuition to go towards groups promoting immoral sexual activity, and they wanted to see an end to it.

I got angry. This is a univer

sity community, and I understand that my tuition money will go towards supporting those groups with whom I do not agree. However, I firmly believe it is the right of all people to speak their minds, even if I find their views distasteful. At the time, I thought about writing a letter to address this issue, but it wasn't clear that I could make time to do so.

However, 20 feet later, I saw a poster that shocked me, outraged me, and upset me deeply. It said, simply, "Buttslammers Give Losers Anal Disease." This is not a discourse of opposing views. This is harassment. This affront pains me in a way for which I cannot find words.

To the people who put up those posters, I have questions for you: Do you know anything about the people you are attacking? Do you hate them because they refuse to censor their thoughts and feelings? Do you want to hurt those who have never even done any of those acts which you find "immoral?" Why would you want to hurt the people who have?

What are you afraid of?

Ignorance breeds bigotry. I can tell you that gay people are not monsters. They eat, sleep, do homework, play sports, hang out with friends, and love their partners, just like straight people do. They have minds with which to decide how best to live their lives, and they do not need you to impose your set of morals on them.

They understand the implications of their actions and take full responsibility for them. Many of us rejoice in taking responsibility for our actions, because we are being true to ourselves. Putting up anonymous, harassing posters belies your cowardice.

If you are truly going to be

the good Christians you wish the world to believe you are, you will not condemn gays, but love them as God's children and let Him do the judging.

Take a good, long look at yourselves and find out why you put up the posters. They do nothing to further your cause and only hurt the opinion of those who might otherwise be sympathetic.

I will defend your right to hold your opinion, but I will not tolerate harassment.

Lindasusan Ulrich '91->