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The Tech's are no laughing matter

Every time I open The Tech, I read about such earth-shattering issues as the future of pass/fail grading and animal rights. Surely these issues have merit, but should we not address the worthy issue of Tech comics first? Frankly, the Tech's comics are not funny. There's not one shred of humor to be found. All we MIT students ask for is that the comics in The Tech be funny once in a while. Even "Foxtrot" and "Calvin and Hobbes" can't be funny everyday, but the Tech's comics (except for "House") consistently suck.

"Nick" for one, leaves much to be desired. This nerd thing is corny and certainly overplayed at this school. I have to put up with dorks in classes and at parties, so I certainly don't need or want to see it in my comics. On the other hand, if anyone, especially the artists, have a clue as to what the premises for "Fub" or "Eyebeam" are, please try to get it across. "Fub" has the gall to sink so low as to try to garner humor from someone choking on food. That's pretty much the bottom of the barrel in my book.

Maybe I don't understand "Eyebeam" because I'm not an intellectual, but shouldn't the comics appeal to the average human? Like those guys in the beer commercials, I'm a simple guy with simple tastes. I like a simple comic. Give me something I can relate to. All too often I find myself wondering if there are subversive political innuendos or socio-economic statements which I'm not picking up, but then again most of my friends don't understand the comics either.

Obviously, if I don't like the comics, I shouldn't read them, but call me a dreamer. Why can't we have funny comics? I envision a world in which I can pick up our distinguished publication and have pride, and I can be confident that I can get a good laugh, perhaps to pick up the banner and rally 'round the flag for this issue.

Editors of the Tech, I offer a simple man's solution. If you can look at a comic and laugh, then keep it. Otherwise. . .

David Martin '92->