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Look behind those generalities pervading the pornography issue

To the Editor:

I'm tired of generalities.

One generality says that none of my male friends at MIT are able to "understand what females are like as people, not playthings." Sure, there are bozos at MIT, but most of the men that I know are nice, sensitive people. Places like Pika, Fenway and Senior House are full of male sensitivity. If there are individuals who are offensive, they should be dealt with individually, but the entire male population on campus shouldn't suffer a degraded image because of a few people.

Another generality is that pornographic movies cause harassment of females. Let's look at "Misty Beethoven," and who was harassed because of that. The attending audience was harassed by having unsolicited literature pressed on them as they entered 26-100. LSC suffered harassment by having radicals try to prevent the showing of the movie. I commend LSC for its handling of the incident, even to the point of refunding the ticket price to the troublemakers (I wonder if they were tempted to show the film without removing the ProFemina demonstrators from in front of the screen). Since the movie, have there been any documented cases of sexual harassment that can be directly attributed to an MIT student having seen "Misty Beethoven"?

Now some specific comments: to Ruth Davidon, who left the movie "not wanting even to see or think about sex for months." She may not realize it, but it's not an unusual condition for people to not want to see or think about sex for months. It's called frigidity, and I don't think it had anything to do with the movie. And to Corrado Giambalvo, who found his "manhood had been challenged" by the movie.

Don't worry, they always choose exceptionally well-endowed men for those movies, and a caring attitude toward your partner will make up for any physical inadequacies. Do comments like this offend or annoy you? They probably aren't any more annoying to you than the implication that my fellow moviegoers and I went to the movie and "looked at each other with suspicion; maybe even shame," and that I left the movie like a battered dog. Or the implication that all prostitutes are drug addicts.

There's a prevailing complaint among these letters that the horrible thing about porno movies is that they always show women pleasing men. What's wrong with wanting to please someone? And who are you to say that a woman doesn't receive equal sexual enjoyment from fellatio? I am a woman who enjoys fellatio, who enjoys making other people happy, and I found this film to be no more degrading to women that it was to men.

It's true that "Misty Beethoven," a film about flaccid men who keep falling out, is a B-grade movie, but I didn't think it was as boring as "2001: A Space Odyssey." Or as disgusting as "Raiders of the Lost Ark," where one guy gets chopped up by a propeller. Or as degrading as "Body Heat," where everybody is either a gangster or a murderer.

I've asked The Tech not to print my name because I know what the harassment from bigots and zealots can be like. And I'd rather spend time on my homework than deal with it.

Name withheld by request->