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This bulletin board is run by the news staff at The Tech. It contains documents chosen by the news staff because of their news value to the community. They will often contain detailed background information used to prepare stories.

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General Bulletins

Bulletin: Male Sophomore Falls to Death
March 14, 1998
Freshman found unconscious at Fiji
September 27, 1997
Crash at Vassar and Main with shots fired
September 26, 1997
Association of Student Activities returns verdict on Extropians recognition case
August 22, 1997
MIT administration announces major reorganization of student services
October 1, 1996
MacGregor Resident Falls to Death
February 26, 1996
Text of complaint in James R. Tewhey v. MIT
April 13, 1995
Provost Wrighton Selected as Next Washington University Chancellor
April 7, 1995
Security Assessment of MIT Card
April 3, 1995
MIT Establishes Center for Biomedical Engineering
March 23, 1995
Helicopter Crashes into Harvard Sailing Pavilion
February 22, 1995
Discussions and decisions about student housing, letter from Arthur C. Smith
February 2, 1995
Clinton's science advisers, top scientists to discuss nation's science policy, press release from the MIT News Office
January 31, 1995
Final report of the Strategic Housing Planning Committee
Jan. 9, 1995
Harris, Perkins to step down
Dec. 13, 1994
Jerome B. Wiesner, MIT President Emeritus, Science Adviser to JFK, Dead at 79
Oct. 23, 1994

LaMacchia Indictment

LaMacchia Indictment Public Documents

Grand jury indictment: plain text or HTML (Oct. 14)
Press Release from the U.S. Attorney's office
Statement by the MIT News Office
Response by defense counsel
An "Issues Primer" from the defense
MIT News Office statement on the dismissal of charges
Judge's order to dismiss the charges against LaMacchia (Dec. 28)

Articles, Editorials, and Letters on the LaMacchia indictment

News stories
Lawyers File Pre-Trial Motion to Dismiss LaMacchia Case
Trial Dates Set in LaMacchia Case (Aug. 30)
LaMacchia Raises Legal Questions of Fraud (Apr 22)
Case May Set Precedent (Apr 15)
Editorial- Software Piracy A Serious Crime (Apr 12)
LaMacchia Will Be Arraigned Friday (Apr 12)
Student Indicted on Piracy Charges (Apr 8)
Photo of LaMacchia and attorneys at courthouse (Apr 22)
Letters to the editor
LaMacchia Case Should Be Dropped (letter, Apr 15)
Editorial Does LaMacchia No Justice (letter, Apr 22)
Fund to Ensure Capable Defense for LaMacchia, Not Assess Guilt (letter, Apr 22)
LaMacchia Paying High Prices for Actions (letter, Apr 29)

Press Releases

MIT Documents

Radiation Documents

(January 1994)

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