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The Tech focused more of its efforts on digital innovation and data journalism in 2012 with the creation of a new Online Media team focused on developing The Tech's online presence using multimedia, social media, and interactives. Beginning with the religion project, we produced a series of videos and interactive graphics on religion on campus based on a schoolwide survey. At the end of spring, we covered President Reif's inauguration using traditional print media mixed in with audio podcasts, videos, and interactive graphics. In the fall, we investigated and visualized stress at MIT based on another schoolwide survey in our "Under Pressure" project.

In between these larger projects, we worked on shorter one-offs, such as our elections predictions game, food inspections map, and MIT endowment trends graph. The Tech also open sourced its breakdown graphic (which can be found at to make it easier for other newsrooms to reuse our code. We've had a great first year navigating the intersection of technology and journalism, and as we mature as a department we hope to develop new competencies, templates, and workflows to further streamline our production process. The Tech will continue pushing the envelope of digital and data-driven student journalism.


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