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Because of erroneous data provided by the Interfraternity Council, the fraternity rush Daily Confusion published in Friday’s Tech contained numerous inaccuracies. Fraternity rush chairs were asked to review their chapters’ entries and the requested corrections were made in this reprinted version. Enjoy Rush!

Nick Bushak

Editor in Chief, The Tech

September 5, 2009


12:00—Delta Upsilon—BBQ and House Tours

12:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Grillin at PBE

12:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Alley Rally

12:00—Theta Delta Chi—Ice Cream Truck

12:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Putt Putt Golf House Tours

12:00—Theta Delta Chi—House Tours/Dunking Booth

12:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—PBE House tours

12:15—Phi Beta Epsilon—Cornhole Challenge

12:30—Alpha Delta Phi—House Olympic Circuit

12:30—Kappa Sigma—Alley Rally


13:00—Theta Xi—Jello Wrestling on Kresge

13:00—Nu Delta—Test Your Might

13:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Grillin’ and Chillin’ on the Roof Deck

13:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Skullhouse Airsoft Warrior

13:00—Zeta Beta Tau—On campus relaxation

13:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Cardboard Boat Contest

13:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Phi Sig Animal Roast

13:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Smoothies & Wings and Rock Band

13:00—Pi Lambda Phi—House Tours

13:00—Theta Chi—House tours and BBQ

13:00—Sigma Nu—House Tours, Red Sox Tickets Raffle

13:00—Sigma Chi—House Tours and Snacks

13:00—Phi Delta Theta—Flavor Tripping

13:00—Chi Phi—Chi Phi Open House: Featuring a BBQ and Football

13:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Pool table gauntlet

13:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Sumo Wrestling!

13:30—Alpha Delta Phi—House Olympic Circuit


14:00—Alpha Delta Phi—House Olympic Circuit

14:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Volleyball on Campus

14:00—Beta Theta Pi—Mini golf at the Beta house

14:00—Sigma Nu—Pool, Fooseball Tournament

14:00—Sigma Nu—Frisbee on Kresge Oval

14:00—Delta Tau Delta—Roofdeck BBQ

14:00—Zeta Psi—Car Bash Vandalism

14:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Science Smorgasboard

14:30—Kappa Sigma—Cannoli Taste-Off: Round 2


15:00—Phi Delta Theta—Street Hockey

15:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Learn to DJ

15:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Pool Tournament

15:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Cornhole Tournament

15:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Spice Cream


16:00—Phi Delta Theta—Flavor Tripping Contest

16:00—Theta Chi—Halo and NBA 2K9 Tournament

16:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—Ultimate on the Esplanade

16:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Huge Fingerpainting


17:00—Sigma Nu—Steak and Ribs Dinner

17:00—Kappa Sigma—KS-Dodgeball Tournament

17:00—Phi Delta Theta—Phi Delts Fight Club

17:00—Theta Xi—Pig Roast

17:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Turducken For Dinner

17:00—Beta Theta Pi—Dinner with Beta

17:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Neutral Buoyancy

17:30—Chi Phi—Chicken Parm Dinner at Chi Phi


18:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Steak and Lobster dinner

18:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Steak & Lobster Dinner

18:00—Nu Delta—ND Popeyes

18:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—Thai Food Dinner

18:00—Sigma Chi—Third Annual Exotic Meats BBQ

18:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Lobsterfest

18:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Bone Fest

18:00—Delta Upsilon—Steak

18:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—General Gauss’s Chicken

18:30—Delta Tau Delta—Pool and Poker Night

18:30—Zeta Psi—Rib Dinner

18:30—Theta Delta Chi—Dinner@TDC: Latin Spice


19:00—Kappa Sigma—7th Annual Shawn T. “Sully” Sullivan Pig Roast

19:00—Theta Xi—Theta Xi Poker and Rock Band Tournament

19:00—Chi Phi—Chi Phi Comedy Night

19:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Lobster and Clam Chowder/PKT Comedy Hour

19:00—Phi Delta Theta—Legendary Korean BBQ

19:00—Theta Chi—Steak and Lobster

19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—BILAL!?!?!?!?!!?!!?

19:30—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Marathon Game Night


20:00—Nu Delta—Pool Tournament

20:00—Zeta Psi—25th Annual Car Bash

20:00—Beta Theta Pi—Eastbound & Down at Beta

20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Casino Nite

20:00—Sigma Nu—WhiffleBall (in the Ballroom)

20:00—Theta Delta Chi—Karaoke

20:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Pilam Poker Tournament

20:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—More fun with LN2

20:30—Phi Kappa Sigma—Comedian KT Tatara at Skullhouse


21:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Afterhours VIP Lounge

21:00—Theta Delta Chi—TDC’s Series of Poker

21:00—Theta Chi—Poker Tournament

21:00—Delta Upsilon—Jelly Wrestling

21:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Ooblek

21:30—Chi Phi—White Out Party


22:00—Zeta Psi—House Tours and Ice Cream

22:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Ice Party

22:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Improv Comedy Show

22:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Roof Deck Party

22:00—Sigma Chi—Graffiti Party

22:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Ignition Party

22:00—Phi Delta Theta—The Jungle Party

22:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Afterhours

22:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—The Club Party

22:00—Kappa Sigma—Blackout Party

22:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Miracle fruit


23:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Late-Nite Ice Cream

23:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Layzor light show

23:59—Alpha Delta Phi—Underground Capture the Flag

September 6, 2009


00:00—Theta Chi—Midnight Snack

00:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—GLOWING HOT TUB


01:00—Kappa Sigma—Midnight Buffet


08:00—Nu Delta—Breakfast of Champions


09:00—Theta Delta Chi—Breakfast@TDC

09:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Hearty Breakfast

09:00—Sigma Nu—Breakfast

09:00—Chi Phi—All You Can Eat Breakfast at Chi Phi

09:00—Nu Delta—Paintball

09:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Pancake-fest

09:00—Zeta Beta Tau—ZBT Breakfast of Champions

09:30—Phi Kappa Sigma—Breakfast with the Skulls

09:30—Theta Delta Chi—Paintball


10:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Build your own Potato Gun

10:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Whirlyball

10:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Breakfast

10:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Fraternal House of Pancakes

10:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Beach Jaunt

10:00—Sigma Nu—Rock Climbing

10:30—Delta Upsilon—Crane’s Beach

10:30—Theta Chi—Paintball

10:30—Chi Phi—Paintball with Chi Phi

10:30—Sigma Chi—Beach Trip

10:30—Phi Sigma Kappa—Paintball


11:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Boston Food Tours

11:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Pilam Paintball

11:00—Theta Xi—Dim Sum

11:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—PBE House Tours

11:00—Phi Delta Theta—Sunday Brunch

11:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Skullhouse BBQ

11:30—Alpha Delta Phi—P&L Paintball: Boston’s finest arena!

11:30—Kappa Sigma—Brunch the Kappa Sigma Way


12:00—Beta Theta Pi—Grilling@Kresge featuring Miracle Berries

12:00—Sigma Nu—Lunch and Walking Tours

12:00—Theta Delta Chi—Lunch@TDC: Caesar’s Revenge

12:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Jillian’s

12:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Lunch

12:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—PBE Between the Bread

12:30—Zeta Psi—Laser Tag

12:30—Kappa Sigma—Paintball with Kappa Sigma


13:00—Delta Tau Delta—Paintball

13:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Steak and Lobster Lunch

13:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—F1 Go-Kart Racing

13:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Gamin at the house

13:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Canobie Lake Park

13:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Canoeing on The Charles River

13:00—Phi Delta Theta—Battle Canoeing

13:00—Theta Xi—Ultimate Frisbee in Boston Common

13:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Paintball

13:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Bowling


14:00—Sigma Alpha Epsilon—​Marblehead Beach with Alumni

14:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—BASEketball

14:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Crepes and LN2 ice cream

14:30—Theta Delta Chi—Sleeping With the Fishes


15:00—Chi Phi—Chi Phi Luau

15:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Learn to DJ

15:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Pool and Ping Pong Tournaments

15:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Karate in the mall

15:30—Sigma Nu—Nerf Wars


16:00—Nu Delta—F1 Racing

16:00—Phi Delta Theta—Make Your Own Sushi

16:00—Theta Xi—Swing Dance Revolution

16:00—Phi Kappa Theta—PKT Poker Academy

16:00—Theta Chi—F1 racing

16:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Pirate battle with Pika


17:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—BBQ

17:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Bacon Wrapped Dinner

17:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Mesmerized by Dexterity


18:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Dinner

18:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Homestyle Gerry’s World Famous Fried Chicken

18:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Dinner: Italian Buffet

18:00—Sigma Chi—Dinner in Boston

18:00—Delta Upsilon—Steak

18:00—Sigma Nu—Night Out in Boston (Vinny T’s, Comedy Club)

18:00—Kappa Sigma—House Dinner with Kappa Sigma

18:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Mini-Putt and Driving Range

18:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Mike’s Pastry

18:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Chicken Lickin at PBE

18:00—Theta Xi—Clam Bake

18:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Indoor Skydiving

18:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Hair dying and tie dying

18:30—Beta Theta Pi—Kobe beef Its whats for dinner.

18:30—Phi Sigma Kappa—Comedy Club

18:30—Theta Delta Chi—Dinner@TDC: It’s Jamaica Mon!

18:30—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Italian Dinner


19:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Steak Dinner

19:00—Phi Delta Theta—Ribs & Chowda

19:00—Zeta Psi—Luau and Pig Roast

19:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—South Park Marathon

19:00—Kappa Sigma—F1 Boston Go Karts

19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Maggiano’s Italian feast

19:30—Theta Chi—House dinner

19:30—Delta Upsilon—Rooftop Rock Concert


20:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Trivia Night

20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Pool at Jillians

20:00—Phi Delta Theta—Dessertfest IV

20:00—Chi Phi—Entertainment Night at Chi Phi

20:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Cannoli Hunting

20:30—Pi Lambda Phi—Boston Harbor Boat Cruise

20:30—Theta Delta Chi—Salsa Lessons


21:00—Theta Delta Chi—ABDC

21:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Bailout Party with the Skulls

21:00—Theta Xi—B.A.S.H. (Bad-Ass Scavenger Hunt)

21:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Open Mike Night/Rock Band

21:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Poker Tournament

21:00—Beta Theta Pi—Gentlemen Hall Plays Beta

21:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—USBDIY

21:30—Phi Beta Epsilon—PBE Party Hop


22:00—Nu Delta—Party Bus!

22:00—Theta Chi—Fire and Ice Party

22:00—Theta Delta Chi—TDC’s Annual Foam Party

22:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Jello Wrestling Party

22:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Carbonated Fruit

22:30—Delta Tau Delta—Beach Party


23:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Waffle Sundaes

23:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—IHOP Run

23:00—Sigma Chi—South Street Diner

23:00—Sigma Nu—Mike’s Pastries at the House

23:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—USB-powered light show

23:59—Kappa Sigma—Midnight Buffet

September 7, 2009


00:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Chinatown Run

00:00—Theta Chi—Midnight Snack

00:30—Beta Theta Pi—Late Night Bowling


01:00—Theta Xi—Infinite Desserts


08:00—Nu Delta—Breakfast

08:00—Sigma Nu—Breakfast


09:00—Zeta Beta Tau—ZBT Breakfast of Champions

09:00—Chi Phi—Chi Phi House of Pancakes

09:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Soul Food Breakfast

09:00—Sigma Nu—Paintballing

09:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Infinite Crepes!

09:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Breakfast of Champions

09:30—Theta Delta Chi—Firing Range

09:30—Phi Kappa Sigma—Paintball with the Skulls

09:30—Phi Kappa Sigma—Breakfast with the Skulls


10:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Pickup Sports at Devotion

10:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Six Flags and Flash Passes

10:00—Zeta Psi—Six Flags

10:00—Theta Xi—Theta Xi Continental Breakfast

10:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Six Flags New England

10:00—Nu Delta—Six Flags

10:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Paintball

10:00—Theta Chi—Flags

10:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Fraternal House of Pancakes

10:00—Sigma Chi—Brunch

10:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Hiking in New Hampshire

10:00—Phi Delta Theta—The Best Scrambled Eggs Ever

10:30—Phi Sigma Kappa—The Original Surfing and Spearfishing in Newport

10:30—Kappa Sigma—Brunch the Kappa Sigma Way


11:00—Delta Upsilon—Canoeing

11:00—Zeta Psi—Island Excursion

11:00—Kappa Sigma—Cape Cod Beach Day

11:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Batting Cages, Mini-Golf, and More

11:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Skullhouse BBQ

11:00—Chi Phi—Jet-Skiing on the Cape

11:00—Sigma Chi—McGolf Driving Range

11:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Battleship Canoeing on the Charles


12:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Lunch at Fire and Ice

12:00—Theta Delta Chi—Lunch@TDC: YEEE HAWWW

12:00—Beta Theta Pi—Beach Partay

12:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Lunch

12:00—Phi Delta Theta—Watersports @ Wellesley

12:00—Theta Xi—Laser Tag

12:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Lunch


13:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Paintball

13:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Sailing

13:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Rock Climbing

13:00—Zeta Psi—Cookout at Zeta Psi

13:30—Sigma Alpha Epsilon—Rock Climbing


14:00—Theta Delta Chi—Museum of Science / Nerds Anonymous

14:00—Delta Tau Delta—Lobster Trip

14:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—House Tours

14:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—PBE Sports on Kresge

14:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Dim Sum


15:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Dodge Ball

15:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—LN2, dry ice, helium!


16:00—Sigma Nu—Nugget Feast

16:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Dramatic Proof Reading


17:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Breakfast for Dinner

17:00—Theta Delta Chi—Steal Our Music

17:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—SET and GO


18:00—Chi Phi—The Original Steak and Lobster Dinner

18:00—Sigma Nu—Jillian’s: Pool and Bowling

18:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Dinner

18:00—Phi Delta Theta—Steak, Steak, and Steak

18:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Roofdeck BBQ

18:00—Nu Delta—ND Feast

18:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Steak and Lobster

18:00—Delta Upsilon—Steak

18:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—DKE Monday Night

18:00—Theta Xi—Taste of Kenmore Square

18:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Night out on the Charles

18:00—Theta Chi—Dinner at the house

18:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Down by the Sea at PBE

18:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Extract your own DNA

18:30—Sigma Chi—Dinner in Boston

18:30—Zeta Psi—Tex Mex night at Zeta Psi

18:30—Theta Delta Chi—Dinner@TDC: SUSHI

18:30—Beta Theta Pi—Midwest Grill


19:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Chef Mac’s famous London Broil and Potatoes

19:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Fire and Ice

19:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Entourage night

19:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Roofdeck BBQ

19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Mexican Feast

19:30—Delta Upsilon—Boston Bowl


20:00—Kappa Sigma—Balling at Golf Country

20:00—Sigma Chi—Bowling and Billiards at Jillians

20:00—Phi Delta Theta—Bowling and Billiards at Jillian’s

20:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Casino Night

20:00—Theta Delta Chi—Watchmen: Uncut

20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Bowling

20:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Lie-off


21:00—Beta Theta Pi—Mini Golf

21:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Laser Tag

21:00—Theta Xi—Boston Capture the Flag

21:00—Chi Phi—Open Mic Night at Chi Phi

21:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Vermonster Challenge

21:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—AI v. Man Tournament

21:30—Phi Beta Epsilon—Bowling


22:00—Pi Lambda Phi—The X-rated Hypnotist

22:00—Zeta Psi—Afterhours at Zeta Psi

22:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Comedy Marathon

22:00—Theta Chi—Comedy and Wings

22:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Movie on the Roof

22:00—Sigma Nu—Ankara’s Run

22:00—Nu Delta—Monster Jam

22:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Program the LED Array!


23:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Late Nite Run to IHOP

23:00—Phi Kappa Theta—MIT Late at Night

23:00—Phi Delta Theta—Frisbee Golf

23:00—Phi Delta Theta—Cigar Tasting

23:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Cookies & Milk

23:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Rock* light show

23:30—Theta Delta Chi—Late Night IHOP

23:59—Kappa Sigma—Midnight Buffet

23:59—Alpha Delta Phi—Midnight Frisbee

September 8, 2009


00:00—Theta Chi—Midnight Snack

00:01—Theta Xi—Midnight Munchies IHOP Run


08:00—Nu Delta—Breakfast of Champions


09:00—Zeta Beta Tau—ZBT Breakfast of Champions

09:00—Chi Phi—Chi Phi Waffle Breakfast

09:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Breakfast

09:00—Theta Delta Chi—BreakTheFast@TDC

09:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Omelettes Made to Order

09:30—Phi Kappa Sigma—Breakfast with the Skulls


10:00—Phi Delta Theta—Summer’s End Breakfast

10:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Supply Run for School

10:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Beach with the Skulls

10:00—Sigma Alpha Epsilon—White Water Rafting time TBA

10:00—Sigma Chi—Brunch Before F1 Racing

10:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Fraternal House of Pancakes

10:00—Nu Delta—ND Ballin

10:00—Theta Delta Chi—LET’S PICK SOME BERRIES

10:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Beach Trip (Fenway Park Tour if bad weather)

10:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Fenway Tours

10:30—Phi Sigma Kappa—Battle Canoeing


11:00—Phi Delta Theta—George’s Island

11:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Skullhouse BBQ

11:00—Delta Tau Delta—Beach Trip

11:00—Kappa Sigma—Brunch the Kappa Sigma Way

11:00—Sigma Chi—F1 Racing

11:00—Theta Xi—Beach Trip


12:00—Theta Delta Chi—Lunch@TDC:buffalo chicken

12:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Lunch

12:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Lunch

12:30—Phi Beta Epsilon—Wing Eating Competition


13:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Rock Climbing

13:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​BBQ & Frisbee

13:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Sports on the Commons

13:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—SigEp Community Service

13:00—Theta Delta Chi—Wallball


14:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—House Tours

14:00—Zeta Psi—Paintball

14:00—Theta Delta Chi—3.14... never tasted so good

14:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Richardsons

14:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Reg Day Feynman


15:00—Sigma Nu—Dodgeball at the MAC Court

15:00—Beta Theta Pi—Gun Range

15:00—Theta Chi—Nerf Wars at the House

15:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Ditch Windows, install Linux!


16:00—Nu Delta—Roofdeck Barbeque

16:00—Theta Delta Chi—Kayaking

16:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Ditch Linux, break computers!


17:00—Sigma Nu—Registration Day Stooping

17:00—Chi Phi—Pre-Cruise Dinner

17:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Burrito Night

17:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Find stuff in Chinatown

17:30—Pi Lambda Phi—Dinner


18:00—Sigma Chi—Dinner

18:00—Theta Xi—Insane Fry-a-lator Dinner

18:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Dinner in Boston

18:00—Delta Upsilon—Steak

18:00—Theta Chi—Italian Dinner at the House

18:00—Alpha Delta Phi—UNOs Chicago Grill dinner

18:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Phi Sig Iron Chef

18:00—Phi Delta Theta—Twice the Spice

18:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Dinner: Chef’s choice

18:00—Kappa Sigma—Border Caf

18:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​PF Chang’s Dinner


18:30—Zeta Psi—Italian Night

18:30—Theta Delta Chi—Dinner@TDC: Go Greek, For Real

18:30—Pi Lambda Phi—Red Sox vs Orioles


19:00—Sigma Nu—Prudential Skywalk Tour

19:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—RedSox on Backlot Wall

19:00—Beta Theta Pi—Big dinner in little Chinatown

19:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Chicken and Waffles

19:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Final Potato Gun Firing

19:00—Phi Delta Theta—Driving Range

19:00—Chi Phi—Chi Phi Liberty Clipper Boat Cruise

19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—BBQ on the roof

19:30—Lambda Chi Alpha—Red Sox Game

19:30—Theta Xi—Mini-Golf


20:00—Phi Delta Theta—DIY Food

20:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Poker Tournament

20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Iron Chef

20:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Movie Night

20:00—Theta Chi—Candlepin Bowling

20:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Minigolf and batting cages

20:00—Sigma Chi—Sports on the Turf

20:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Movie on the roof


21:00—Sigma Nu—Slurpee Run

21:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Potato Cannons!

21:00—Beta Theta Pi—Get Your Bowl On

21:00—Delta Tau Delta—Scavenger Hunt


22:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Hotdog Eating Contest

22:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Hot tub


23:00—Theta Xi—Vermonster Challenge

23:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Diet Coke & Mentos

23:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Takeout Sampler

September 9, 2009


00:00—Theta Chi—Midnight Snack


08:30—Alpha Delta Phi—Infinite Crepes!


12:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Lunch on the Steps

12:00—Beta Theta Pi—Grillin at Kresge

12:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Lunch


14:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—House Tours


16:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Problem Set help

16:00—Beta Theta Pi—Sailing with Beta

16:00—Phi Delta Theta—Lawn Sports


17:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Problem Set help

17:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Cook haus food with us

17:30—Chi Phi—Fajitas and Tacos at Chi Phi


18:00—Theta Xi—Theta Xi Dinner

18:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Back Bay Banquet

18:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Gerry’s South of the Border Burritos

18:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Dinner: Chicken Cordon Bleu

18:00—Delta Upsilon—Steak

18:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Make-Your-Own Pizza

18:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Networking dinner with MIT Alumni

18:00—Theta Chi—North End dinner

18:00—Phi Delta Theta—Pasta Dinner

18:00—Sigma Alpha Epsilon—Segway Riding around Boston

18:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Dinner

18:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Dicks Last Resort

18:30—Delta Tau Delta—Steak and Sushi Night

18:30—Sigma Chi—Dinner

18:30—Phi Beta Epsilon—PBE goes to Fenway

18:30—Theta Delta Chi—Dinner@TDC: Chinese


19:00—Zeta Psi—Steak & Lobster (Invite Only)

19:00—Chi Phi—Red Sox Game with Chi Phi

19:00—Phi Delta Theta—Improv Asylum

19:00—Delta Upsilon—Yacht Cruise

19:00—Kappa Sigma—Dinner in Harvard Square

19:00—Nu Delta—Dick’s Last Resort

19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Haus fd

19:30—Phi Sigma Kappa—Mini golf


20:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Boat Cruise

20:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Famous Desserts with Alumni

20:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Poker Tournament with the Skulls

20:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Sugary Relaxation

20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Game Night

20:00—Theta Xi—Flavour Tripping Party


21:00—Sigma Nu—Poker Tournament

21:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Bowling and IHOP

21:00—Sigma Chi—Tea

21:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Harbor Boat Cruise

21:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Smoothie night


22:00—Beta Theta Pi—Back to the Future II Projected on Our House

22:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Beatnik Dr. Seuss Cocoa

22:30—Delta Tau Delta—Cowboys and Indians Party


23:00—Zeta Psi—Night Ultimate

September 10, 2009


00:00—Theta Chi—Midnight Snack


08:30—Alpha Delta Phi—Breakfast


12:00—Beta Theta Pi—Grillin’ at Kresge

12:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Lunch


13:00—Nu Delta—Lunch w/ the Brotherhood


16:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Problem Set help


17:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Cook haus food with us


18:00—Sigma Alpha Epsilon—Hundreds of Hot Wings

18:00—Sigma Nu—Dinner by Josh

18:00—Theta Chi—Billiards

18:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Israeli Dinner

18:00—Theta Delta Chi—I’M ON A BOAT

18:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Homestyle Dinner with the Skulls

18:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Dinner: Chef’s Choice

18:00—Phi Delta Theta—Thanksgiving Dinner

18:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Dinner


19:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—SigEps Low Key Thursday

19:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Jillians

19:00—Delta Tau Delta—NFL Season Opener

19:00—Zeta Psi—Zetes on the Town (Invite Only)

19:00—Phi Delta Theta—NFL Season Opener

19:00—Kappa Sigma—NFL Opening Night

19:00—Beta Theta Pi—Let us take you out for dinner

19:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Dinner at the House

19:00—Delta Upsilon—Dinner at Churrascaria

19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Haus fd

19:30—Phi Beta Epsilon—PBEs NFL Kickoff at Jillians

19:30—Sigma Nu—Softball


20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Mini Golf

20:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—NFL Opening Night


21:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Jello Drop

21:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Bowling

21:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Smoothies Study Break


22:00—Beta Theta Pi—Atari Video Game Contest

22:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​Cidernight & AE-Pie Eating Contest

22:00—Sigma Nu—Smoothies and Video Games

22:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—BOBA and bubbles

22:30—Delta Upsilon—Party at DU


23:00—Zeta Psi—Night Ultimate

23:59—Alpha Delta Phi—Late-night breakfast

September 11, 2009


00:00—Theta Chi—Midnight Snack


08:30—Alpha Delta Phi—Breakfast


12:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—​BBQ

12:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Lunch


13:00—Nu Delta—Lunch w/ the Brotherhood


18:00—Zeta Psi—Hard Rock Caf Boston (Invite Only)

18:00—Phi Delta Theta—Bid Dinner

18:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Dinner and Comedy Show

18:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Bid dinner

18:30—Delta Tau Delta—Bid Dinner


19:00—Sigma Nu—Bid Dinner

19:00—Theta Delta Chi—Dinner@Tarantas

19:30—Kappa Sigma—Dinner in the North End


20:00—Beta Theta Pi—Formal Dinner

20:00—Sigma Alpha Epsilon—Invite Only Dinner

20:00—Phi Delta Theta—Road Rally


21:30—Kappa Sigma—Improv Asylum


22:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—FOOD ORGY

September 12, 2009


09:00—Sigma Nu—Breakfast


10:00—Sigma Nu—Revere Beach Trip


11:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Dim Sum

11:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Harbor Cruise to George’s Island


19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Hsin-Hsin and Brezhnev’s


20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Walking Tour of Boston

20:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—CROCK

September 13, 2009


12:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Larz Anderson Picnic


21:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—tEp/PKT Water war


22:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—tEp/PKT Cookies

September 14, 2009


17:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—More cooking!


19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Haus Food


22:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Cocoa