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Me, Me, Me

After reading Kevin Q. Choi’s Nov. 14 column, “I am G4, Bow Down Before Me,” I was disturbed that this individual’s egocentric rambling would find its way into our school newspaper. Although Choi smugly states that he is “the envy of all [his] hallmates,” others at MIT find his brazen over-consumption repulsive. His list of high-tech riches left a bad aftertaste, and his “what I did last summer” essay style made me want to bang my head against a wall.

The author stars as a noun in 49 of his 61 sentences. By measuring the relative amounts of ink wasted in Choi’s column we can rank in order of importance: the author (79 mentions); the author’s hi-tech possessions (45); the author’s friends, family, and neighbors (26); “MIT students” (2).

Why should the MIT community read about Choi and his hoard? While his may be a sad state of affairs, it is not newsworthy. A better place for this column would have been the author’s personal web site, , not The Tech. Public attention is a precious resource, and it is a real shame to waste it on such self-centered drivel. The one thing we learn is that Choi’s obsession with fashionable gadgetry is dwarfed by his obsession with himself. After reading his article we should all feel encouraged to throw those “me, me, me” glasses as far away as we can.

Till P. Rosenband ’01

[LTE]On the Middle East[body]
To Babak Ayazifar, author of last Tuesday’s column “Israel: Blaming the Victims,” I ask this: have you ever seen what a Molotov bomb does to a human being? For that matter, have you seen what a stone can do to a person? In the last month four Israelis have been killed by Palestinian stone throwers. Last week, sadly, a Palestinian died at the hands of Israeli stone throwers.
Stones and molotov bombs are lethal force, and if you use lethal force against me, I reserve the right to use whatever arms I have to answer you in kind. War is not a sport, and the Palestinians are not playing a game of Johood Koshi.
Also, among many inaccuracies that I find in your column, I must point out the following: Dr. Goldstein killed 29 people, and the shrine to him has been dismantled by the IDF. As for the two victims of the Ramallah lynching, Israel does not use reservists for undercover operations (Israel uses soldiers in their first three-year tour of duty); they drove a car with Israeli plates; they wore cammie trousers; and they had their personal cell phones on them. What undercover agent, I ask you, would carry his personal cell phone to his job? “Honey, didn’t I tell you not call me during work hours?”
I advise you not to turn your brain off when you read the Palestinian Authority’s propaganda.
Finally, you say you are bewildered by those who try to defend Israel’s actions. I’ll suggest this to you: try living as a Jewish citizen of an Arab country for a few months. After that you’ll understand exactly why Israelis are so ruthlessly fighting to ensure that they will not wind up living in an Arab country. Be sure to write your will first.[sig]